How Japan, South Korea, and Singapore are developing innovative medicine?

Asian Tigers
These 3 countries, once dubbed “Asian Tigers” by the media, are introducing new technologies at all stages of medical care:
- prevention,
- diagnostics,
- treatment
- rehabilitation.
If we correlate this fact of widespread innovation in the healthcare sector with another fact - how old many Japanese, Koreans, and Singaporeans live - we can conclude that they are closely interconnected.
digital healthcare
Concept of “Smart Nation”.
In this country, digital healthcare is one of the components of the nationwide concept of “Smart Nation”. According to the part of it that is dedicated to the well-being of Singaporeans - soon the country should move from, in fact, “healthcare” to "health".
“We're not saying that Singaporeans won't get sick anymore,” said Sutovo Wong, head of the analytical department of the Ministry of Health, “but thanks to high technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we can, for example, identify patients potentially related to risk groups.
They are included in a separate list and provide the necessary assistance in such cases - they talk about how to avoid the development of a particular disease, or prescribe a treatment that stops the disease at the stage of occurrence.
digital society

Society 5.0
In the Land of the Rising Sun, they have developed their own model of an ideal digital society – “Society 5.0”.
Such model, according to the plan of the Japanese, should successfully solve the tasks on the agenda with the help of innovations - incl. concerning healthcare. Considering that every 4th Japanese is an elderly man or an elderly woman, special attention is paid to taking care of people over 65.
South Korea

telecommunication companies

3rd line of the global digital competitiveness rating
By 2030, the South Korean government plans to bring the country to the 3rd line of the global digital competitiveness rating (now the republic ranks 12th). It is not surprising that the digitalization of all spheres of life - including healthcare - is unfolding here on a nationwide scale.
Ministries, telecommunication companies, medical centers, medical organizations and associations, start-ups - all public and private structures are “connected” into a single digital healthcare ecosystem.
Hundreds of digital products are released every year within this ecosystem.

At the same time, despite the general commitment to innovation, each “tiger” has its own characteristics. Let's dive in along with MedTop.
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