Ultrasound surgery

Ultrasound surgery Yes, But:
What is it?
Magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) is the method of surgery with minimum incision and is performed via ultrasound imaging. In this method, the incision is made pointwise. For example, High intensity-focused ultrasound (HIFU) pinpoints a small target and destroys it by raising the temperature, however without destroying surrounding tissues.

Field of use
Ultrasound in the operation is used not only to obtain a more accurate picture during the operation but also for anesthesiology. Ultrasound-guided regional anesthesiology (UGRA) commonly used in Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in the USA over the past decade. This method of anesthesiology allows to avoid major concerns such as problems with blood vessels and enables selectively blocking of the sensory branch of a nerve, without side effects on other organs or structures of the body.

▪️ Yes, it has no ionizing radiation.

▪️ Yes, it is portable.

▪️ Yes, it is readily mastered by most anesthetists.

▪️ Yes, it allows imaging of the nerve itself.

▪️ Yes, complications from surrounding tissues can be avoided.

▪️ Yes, ultrasound for anesthesiology enables control in real-time.


▪️ But, ultrasound with low frequency leads to the low resolution of images.

▪️ But, some structures are highly reflective of ultrasound.

▪️ But, bones blocks ultrasound waves.

▪️ But, ultrasound surgery has a high cost and is not available in all hospitals.

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