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Dear Partners,

On behalf of the Medtop Award, I want to say that we highly appreciate your impact on the healthcare society that you do every day, especially after the pandemic. We as a Medtop community believe that on the other hand, difficult times serve as the examination of strengths that companies and personalities demonstrate to push the industry forward.

That belief became a starting point for us to create an award and think more about how we may be helpful to such outstanding industry heroes.

Our main goal is to help great products and people become known on the global market by spotlighting their success and giving them tools to promote it. As a team of professionals in media production, we know how to make creatives that catch the attention, and we are happy to share this knowledge with those who greatly contribute to healthcare.

Jean Gabdull

Chief Product Officer

The Foundation
Recognizing the outstanding players in the market is a great responsibility that may not be fulfilled without the foundation that thrills the whole team and serves as the lighthouse which helps to follow a path. We are happy to share what we mean by this
We are making the world know about outstanding products and people in the healthcare sector no matter where they are located or how many years they exist
We create complex solution and platform aimed to cover the marketing, media, and PR needs of the healthcare players
Be a mouthpiece for those who deserve it, surprise the market with non-standard approaches, lead and create trends
Parent Company
We are proud to be a part of the MedStandard group of companies that operates in 12 countries, providing high-quality regulatory consulting services for 18 years for registration, metrology, licensing, and certifications of medical devices, equipment, and pharma products.
Jury Advisory Board
Our juries are the highly experienced professionals who want to make a significant impact to the healthcare industry
We strive to make an Expert Jury the person who is not involved and does not have a conflict of interest with any of the nominees.

Besides of the majority of awards, we create a community of such professionals and cut the distance between them. We strive to give our juries opportunities for collaboration and sharing.

If you want to join as a jury board member, please learn more here
Key Players
leaders who make a lot of important processes move smooth and effective
  • Arthur Kim
    Business Development Representative
    Experienced project and operations manager with a background of more than 40 successful projects in terms of finance, brand awareness, clients loyalty and media production
  • Valerie Tokareva
    Partner Development Representative
    Project coordinator and senior key account manager for clients in the media, law, and marketing fields with a strong collaborative spirit for win-win strategies
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We find, award and provide digital marketing tools for healthcare industry members in order to help them become known worldwide

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