The future of vaccines or just promising hope?

Personalized vaccine
Current vaccination processes
Current vaccination processes use the same formulations, doses, and number of doses for the whole population. However, people have different immune responses and achieve different levels of immunity. Moreover, it does not consider individual variability in the risk of disease, immunologic response, adverse reactions, and dosage or interval between doses.
According to the research work of Gregory Poland, Personalized vaccines can solve this problem.
Gregory Poland
American physician and vaccinologist
Personalized vaccines
Personalized vaccines maximize immunogenicity with minimal vaccine failure or adverse reactions and prevent the risk of side effects. The term "Personalized" does not mean that vaccines are targeted at single individuals; vaccines are diverse according to groups' gender, genotype, or other factors.
Personalized vaccines can solve or prevent the followings problems:
  • Diversity of level of antibodies according to sex
  • Impact of race and ethnicity on responding to vaccine antigens
  • Genetics factors that block the immune response
Future opportunities
The affordability of next-generation sequencing platforms makes it possible to determine the individual's microbiome profile within a clinical setting that will shape the composition of the personalized vaccine. The development of such a vaccine would require a shift from empirical methods to a perspective based on a deeper understanding of innate and adaptive immunity and of the host's risk of infection mediated by the genetic and environmental profile.
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