Top-3 innovative trends

in modern medical industry
Healthcare industry is developing day by day. Especially the Global Covid-19 pandemic, has urged medical industry to invent and develop new solutions in disinfection, protection equipment and immunization. Let’s take a closer look at top 3 trends in modern medical industry.
Artificial intelligence
is a trend that very rapidly grows its influence on medical operational tasks, making it more effective and transparent.
Artificial intelligence very rapidly grows its influence on medical operational tasks, making it more effective and transparent. Good example would be “Care Ai”-this startup belongs to US developers,
and covers a huge range of needs. Basically, it is a Ai powered platform for monitoring patients in hospitals. This platform connects directly to the medical sensors, and transforms clinical residency into virtual into as it called “Self-Aware rooms”. This AI provides better patients safety, transparency and clinical efficiency. This platform can watch and warn the Doctors if patient are in risk of falling of the bed, and can predict pressure ulcers, tremors or even a heart attack.

Medical workers get more free space, they do not have to do all the monitoring procedure by themselves, and can concentrate on the most necessary needs of their patients.

Online psychology and psychotherapy sessions

is a trend that became highly demanded due to the COVID-19 lockdowns

More and more professional psychologist and psychotherapists
are proceeding their sessions online. This way they can cover more patients or clients, and avoid the risk of get infected when the area is in high risk zone due to Covid 19. This challenge has pushed psychologists and psychotherapists to adopt their techniques, so they can be effective online.
For example, we see the fast growth of an EMDR therapy technique. It is a desensitization by using the movement of our eyes. It gives us access to the limbic system of the brain. Limbic system is a container where all the psychological traumas, phobias and addictions are being deposited.
Since, this method requires only visual contact with the patient, it perfectly suits the online-therapy. Nowadays, psychotherapists can also make an online prescriptions for their patients that is fully legitimate.

At-home lab tests

is a growing trend that simplifies the process of getting the results of previously long-term healthcare analysis
Today, you can have the service of laboratory tests right at your home.
In comfort and without need to walk or drive somewhere far.

It is not only saves plenty of time for the patients, but provides safety to not get infected on the way to hospital in public transport, where is not really easy to keep the social distance.

This “At-home lab” services grow very fast, providing comfort to the patients and new workplaces for medical workers as infection disease specialists and etc.
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