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programming biological cells
To what extent can humanity change the functioning of a living cell? How safe is it to embed a programmed cell into a human? Can a person fully program an embryo?
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What is the programming of biological cells?

Currently, MIT students from bioengineering major in code programming language for bacteria. Let's find out what is the programming of biological cells.
“You use a text-based language, just like you’re programming a computer. Then you take that text and you compile it and it turns it into a DNA sequence that you put into the cell, and the circuit runs inside the cell.” - says Christopher Voigt, an MIT professor of biological engineering.
Christopher Voigt
MIT professor of biological engineering
Programming language for cells
This programming language allows program bacteria to detect environmental conditions in a body such as oxygen saturation level and acidity. Moreover, there is an opportunity to program cells to produce cancer drugs if they detect tumors, or produce yeast cells with their fermentation processes. Now, it is available to change the functions of E.coli bacteria, and in the near future, it will be available to program Bacteroides, Pseudomonas, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Programming human embryo is currently not highly developed, so not available for public or research use. Moreover, it has more ethical issues compared to the programming of bacteria


If you had the opportunity to use this technology, what function would you program in a living cell?

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