Printing human organs

Sounds like a future movie script, but it's already real.

If we gradually replace human organs with printed organs, will it be the same person? (Theseus ship dilemma)

If in Theseus' dilemma it was clear how to replace all the boards of the ship with new ones, then the dilemma with human organs is not as clear as it seems. First, is a person his organs or only his brain and mind? Secondly, is it even possible to replace human organs with printed organs on a bioprinter?
"The printing of human organs from his cells will be available within 10 years because the technology and research for this are already being carried out."
Jennifer Lewis
professor at Harvard University's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering
Let's take a look at Luke Massella’s case
Luke was one of the first people in the world who received bioprinted organs from his cells. The procedure was completed by Dr.Anthony Atala at Boston Children’s Hospital. He took a small piece of Luke’s bladder and grow a new bladder via bioprinter for 2 months. Patients usually wait years for a suitable organ, so just 2 months of waiting is quite a short time. Then in a 14-hour surgical procedure, he replaced the defective bladder with the new one. Since the new bladder was made from the patient's cells, there were no problems with organ rejection, as is usually the case with organ transplants from other patients.

After receiving his replacement bladder at the age of 10, Luke’s treatment allowed him to live a normal life.
Currently, organ printing is an expensive procedure and is not available in the developing world. However, technologies are developing every day, and perhaps shortly, we will be able to safely grow organs from our cells without any problems.

Sounds like a future movie script, but it's already real.
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