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  • What is Medtop?
    We find, award and provide digital marketing tools for the healthcare industry members in order to help them become known worldwide
  • Who is an Expert Jury?
    It is a highly experienced professional who wants to make a significant impact to healthcare industry by sharing its competence by selecting the best industry members and awarding them by deserved quality sign. We strive to make Expert Jury as the person who is not involved and does not have conflict of interest with any of the nominess
  • Why to become a Jury?
    By joining Medtop as an expert for jury panel a person gets the opportunity to expand its network and have a recognizable status of a professional who contributes to the industry

The judging process

Collection of the application forms
Nominees fill out the forms to participate in the award
Nominee qualification
Medtop team reviews the application forms to sort, eliminate incorrect ones, and group forms by nominations
First round: shortlisting
Each nomination will be presented by the most suitable nominees formed to a shortlist
Second round: online evaluation
Each expert jury receives the shortlists by nomination via "Medtop Spotlight" internal IT solution which conceals brand names and titles to evaluate nominees in a transparent way
Final round: jury board meeting
A special event organized by Medtop with a guest moderator who helps to make the judging process transparent and interactive. The moderator with a team makes the process of final judgment according to anonymous nominee cards to evaluate them without any brand pressure
Learn more about benefits
that you get becoming a part of the expert jury board
  • Networking
    get acquainted with experts from different business fields who share the experience with each other and expand its professional network of international partners
  • Recognition
    as a professional who is credible to contribute knowledge and business vision to find outstanding industry performers
  • Membership
    that gives the opportunity to have benefits in different professional services such as journal subscriptions and closed events in different business and science fields organized by Medtop or its partners
  • Financial compensation
    of your time that will be spent participating as a member of the expert jury board
We find, award and provide digital marketing tools for healthcare industry members in order to help them become known worldwide

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