How to receive international recognition with healthcare award?

November 8,
5:00 pm
For whom the conference is
Learn how to gain more credibility among existing clients and attract more
Practicing doctors
Understand how to attract more patients by receiving international recognition
Healthcare workers
Increase the chances for career development by winning the international award
What is the content
  • What problems do professionals face in modern healthcare competition
    You will understand what the competition in the modern healthcare sector is, what threats it hides and what the opportunities are for experts who know the value of modern solutions
  • How to increase credibility in your local market
    You will realize how to use the opportunity to get an advantage in your local competition by winning the international recognition
  • How to gain valuable professional contacts worldwide
    You will know how networking may help you achieve your professional, financial, or career goals
  • Useful materials
    You will get unique checklists and tools to increase your marketing and PR right after the webinar
The conference host
Jean Gabdull is a Chief Product Officer of the Medtop Award, which is an accredited award scheme by the Independent Awards Standard Council based in the United Kingdom.

Ex-chief operating officer of the Bazelevs group of companies, he developed the project management approach based on the Kanban framework which showed its effectiveness in creating media products and works well specifically with remote teams simultaneously in CIS, the USA, and South Korea.

Jean combines management, marketing, and media frameworks to help healthcare players promote their products with Medtop Award to help them become known worldwide.
What you will receive after the webinar?
We will send you the video record of this webinar and all of the materials demonstrated during the session
November 8, 2022 / 5:00 pm UTC
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